Backyard studios tailored to your needs

  • Building type:
  • Pod-Unit Orange

Choose from a range of bespoke options

Get your ready-to-use studio produced

We use state-of-the-art 3D printers and high quality photopolymer materials to produce the units. We then ship and deploy them ourselves, without any middle men.

  • Dimensions:
  • Total area: 260 sq ft.
  • Length: 23 ft.
  • Height: 8.5 ft.
  • Roof fillets: 3.1 ft.
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Technical specs

Solar-powered studio

While still connected to the electric grid, the studio will be powered primarily by solar panels installed on the roof. A high-capacity battery will be used to store the energy collected during the day to supply the studio with power at night. This solution proves extremely economical in the long run, but is only feasible in areas with access to direct sunlight throughout the day.

  • Solar
  • grid

Three easy steps to getting your own Mighty Unit

  • Step 1

    Design and Engineering

    3 months
  • Step 2

    Unit Production

    3 months
  • Step 3

    Delivery and Construction

    3 months

Tell us your preferences and we'll help you decide on:

  • Type of studio and interior design
  • Furniture options
  • Plumbing options
  • Type of insulation for your cimate zone
  • Type of foundation
  • Full specifications and final budget

Make an advance deposit

We will create a reservation for you and contact you two months before the selected construction time slot.

Available only in California

100% safe end ecological

The materials used in Mighty Units have been thoroughly tested and certified for use in living quarters.

More information about our certificates

Wall Structure

Walls are the basis of any home. We set out to make the best walls possible.

Our walls comply with the California Building Code and consist of five layers, each made from a different, specially designed compound. This ensures some of the best feature set and quality on the market.

  • Exterior Layer
  • Structural Layers
  • Insulation Layer
  • Interior Layer

Order your own Mighty Studio now!

Mighty Buildings Process Timeline: 6 months

Step 1

Design & Engineering

3 months
Step 2

Unit Production

3 months
Step 3

Delivery & Construction

2 weeks

We fulfill orders more than two times faster than others

Traditional Process Timeline: 18 months

Step 1

Design & Engineering

6 months
Step 2

Detailed Design

6 months
Step 3


6 months


Freedom of design

Every studio is customized to your needs based on your preferences and use cases. Mighty Buildings offers a wide variety of personalization options.

Minimum effort

Mighty buildings does all the work for you, from getting the construction permit for your backyard to manufacturing, delivering and installing your studio.

Low Cost

We 3D-print all the needed parts from polymer compounds and perform construction on-site. We don't use concrete and don't need cranes or factories. It's cheap for us, so it's cheap for you.

All-inclusive service

Unlike others, we don't just do basic construction. We'll get you the permit, prepare a foundation, connect your studio to the grid and do the plumbing. It's a turnkey solution.

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