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Halo Lab has been providing React.js development services and consulting since the technology appeared. Even if your project is complex and unique, our experienced React.js developers will build it effectively. Furthermore, having extensive experience in React.js development, Halo Lab offers custom services tailored to your business’s needs.
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Our specialists work with the most modern technology that can handle a large flow of customers and maintain a high level of quality of work.

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Our digital products are created to a high-quality level, so we have a support period after product release because we are confident in what we do.

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Before releasing a product, we as a software development company test it constantly in operation for imperfections and check it during user interaction, guaranteeing that our product is of high quality.

Some of our Cases

A Berlin-based start-up company that provides users with a digitalized list of books from their big collections (libraries)
SaaS platform


A platform that helps the user to schedule and receive an online appointment.


A company website for a machine learning platform that helps users carry out primary research in the required field of activity worldwide.


The resource provides other websites with solutions to GDPR and additional Legacy information
SaaS platform

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Why should you work together with our team of react.js developers?

We are one of the best react development agencies in Ukraine. Our developers always put a lot of effort into your project to make it run successfully. Our developers work with the best designers and managers to achieve the best result, looking after the project's process during all our communication.

How do I hire a react.js developer?

We are always looking for professionals who have extensive experience working with React. Our developers went through serious competitions until we took them to our team to ensure that our clients would get the best service. So our developers consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. If you want to hire a react developer, please, just contact us.

Why use React for web development?

There are several reasons:

  • It's easier to learn for developers: one of the developers' main concerns is choosing a framework (or library) that is easier to learn and implement.
  • React enables developers to reuse components: in React, your application comprises components. Ideally, you start with building small components like buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, menus, etc. and create wrapper components around these smaller components.
  • It provides a unique abstraction layer: another lesser-known business-related benefit with React is that it allows for a good abstraction layer, which means an end-user can't access the complex internals.
  • It's well established with a vibrant ecosystem of development tools: React consists of a rich ecosystem.

What applications can be created with React.js?

Any kind of single page application. Though it's an antipattern to use React on

  • Static websites, as it's too heavy for a simple website.
  • Web apps with a huge DOM tree, as it's not that performance on large DOM.

What are the benefits of using React.js for web app development?

  • Short Learning Curve
    In comparison with other frameworks, React JS is very easy to learn, pushing it up the popularity charts; this allows developers to complete their projects in record time.
  • Enables Building Rich UIThe UI of an app is extremely important nowadays; an app with a great UI that offers an exciting browsing and shopping experience to users definitely has much better chances of succeeding than one with a poor interface.
  • Facilitates creation of custom components
    It is perhaps one of the most significant benefits of using react js.JSX enables the creation of unique components to suit your requirements; they accept HTML coding and eases the rendering of sub-components.
  • It boosts developer's productivity
    Thanks to the feature of reusing components, it enables developers to redistribute the same digital objects.
    Therefore, even with frequent updates or modification of components that usually impact others, in React, it does not become problematic for developers.
  • Quick rendering
    You need to define the app structure at the outset if you develop a complex, high-load application.
  • SEO-friendly
    For any app to do well, it is essential that search engines like it; two factors are critical for apps: fast load time and rendering. If both these boxes are ticked, your app will rank higher on Google result pages. You can achieve this by using ReactJS frameworks: NextJS or GatsbyJS.
  • Helpful developer toolset
    Facebook has included several developer tools for React and Chrome in the react js framework. They help developers immensely in discovering parent and child components, observing their hierarchies, examining their present state, and so on.
  • Enhanced code stability
    The downward data flow in React Js ensures that the parent structure is not impacted by changes made to the child structure.
  • Robust community support
    There are innumerable React developers who upload text and video tutorials online, answer queries on various forums and QA sites, etc.

Why should I choose Halo Lab as my react js development company?

Halo lab is one of the best React Js development agencies in Ukraine. We have a highly skilled team of professional react developers who always put a lot of care into your project and make it run successfully.

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